Indigenous Dance and the Academy

Jacqueline Shea Murphy, Dance, UC Riverside
Julie Burelle, Theater and Dance, UC San Diego

October 2016, UC Berkeley
November 2016, UC Riverside
Spring 2016 UC, San Diego

This working group will develop the vibrant projects that have been taking place recently, on three separate UC campuses, around Indigenous dance. It will support these projects and the discussions they’ve fostered, for example, around: the vastly different worldviews embedded in Indigenous and non-Indigenous performance cultures; the isolation faced by Indigenous artists on mainstream art circuits and by scholars researching Indigenous dance in academia; the lack of institutional support for Indigenous dance; the difficulties of having to educate audiences, students, and scholars, in a context in which Indigenous dances, bodies, and forms of knowledge have been rendered invisible by the effects of settler colonialism. The project aims to: connect related work happening on different UC campuses; build relations with more local Native American community members; support and mentor Indigenous graduate students working in the project area; and create an interactive digital platform for continuing connection, discussion, and sharing of materials.