Digital Humanities Grant, 2018–19

The Digital Humanities Grant supports innovative and collaborative digital humanities projects. These grants are intended to provide financial resources to support the development and creation of new digital humanities projects, or to provide financial resources to create or augment digital humanities components related to ongoing humanities research projects.

Eligible Applicants
UC Ladder Rank Faculty
Maximum Award
Application Opens
Monday, September 25, 2017
Application Deadlines
Friday, December 8, 2017
Award Announced
January 2018
Funding Source

Final awards for all of our grants are contingent upon available funding. Funding must be spent in accordance with all applicable UC rules and regulations.

Applications must be submitted online via FastApps by 11:59 PM (Pacific time) on the deadline date.

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Topic Details

UCHRI looks forward to receiving project proposals that push the bounds of innovation and collaboration. Digital Humanities projects can take many forms, but applicants are especially encouraged to consider:

  • Projects that offer innovative, digitally-mediated access to humanistically relevant information and materials
  • Digital tools that offer new solutions for preservation and analysis of resources
  • Research projects that explore novel uses of technology related to Humanities scholarship and education
  • Digital innovation that fosters increased collaboration and dialogue within and across communities
  • New research initiatives or best practices for the field of digital humanities
  • Research projects that explore digital culture as an academic discipline, and its impact on society

UCHRI will not fund:

  • Website development or sustainability not central to research project development or public dissemination or websites for departments, centers, institutes, or programs
  • Digital tools that would replicate existing tools or tools for which there is not demonstrable need among humanists

Application Details

Faculty organizers must be UC ladder rank faculty members responsible for coordinating all aspects of the digital humanities project. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their respective campus representative on the UCHRI Advisory Committee for guidance in the application process.

Prospective faculty organizers must apply online via UCHRI’s FastApps system. Required documents include:

  • Project Title and Abstract (200 words max)
  • Project Description (2,000 words max, see details below)
  • Proposed Budget (see details below)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the organizer(s) (2 pages max)

Successful applications should clearly demonstrate how the theme and activities will contribute to research excellence in the humanities and include faculty participants from at least two UC campuses. Applicants in search of start-up funds for digital humanities research projects are especially encouraged to apply.

Project Description

The project description should be a maximum of  2,000 words and include the following elements:

  • Problem Statement, including a brief overview of the project, its significance to the humanities, and the innovative nature of the digital humanities components.
  • List of Participants, including each participant’s name, campus, department, brief biography, and relevance/contribution to the collaborative project and its stated objectives.
  • Research Plan, including proposed development timeline, and any relevant milestones.
  • Proposed Objectives, including any final deliverables and plans to sustain the project beyond the grant period.

If the digital humanities project is associated with an already-funded research project, the project description should include a brief overview of the original humanities research project as well. The faculty organizer should also explicitly state how the digital humanities element will provide substantial benefit to the principal research project as a whole but also stand alone on its academic merits.

Proposed Budget

The proposed budget is made up of two elements:

Proposed budgets should provide realistic estimates for development, ongoing management, and long-term sustainability. Budgets should also include any other funding sources that will support the project.

UCHRI may also consider administrative costs (up to 15% of the total requested amount), provided justification is detailed in both the budget template and the budget narrative. Amounts should be determined in advance and in writing with the administrative unit (e.g., the faculty organizer’s department or campus humanities center). Campuses are prohibited from charging indirect costs on funding from the Office of the President.

For program related questions, please contact Shana Melnysyn, competitive grants officer, at

For technical assistance with FastApps, contact

Please include the name of the grant you are applying for in the subject line of your email.