VIRUSHUMANS: A new series from the RRG on Artificial Humanity

Nov 30, 2020
on Foundry

The RRG on Artificial Humanity was in virtual residence at UCHRI in Spring 2020. Their initial project, “to explore questions around the increasingly porous boundaries of humanity and the digital in a networked world,” was forcefully entwined with the bioclimate, resulting in this compelling focal series — VIRUSHUMANS. The following eight essays, blending the personal and the academic, take stock of the ways this pandemic has pushed the bounds of what it means to be human, artificially. Contributions from Long Bui (UC Irvine), Pheng Cheah (UC Berkeley), Renée Fox (UC Santa Cruz), Annie McClanahan (UC Irvine), Erin McElroy (AI Now Institute, NYU), Gabriele Schwab (UC Irvine), and Chikako Takeshita (UC Riverside).
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