Advisory Committee

Composed of faculty representatives from each of the ten UC campuses, the UCHRI Advisory Committee members are nominated by the humanities dean of their home campus, and selected by the UC Board of Governors with an eye to reflecting the diversity and disciplinary breadth of the faculty of the University of California. The advisory committee meets twice each year to make selections for UCHRI’s core funding programs, including the residential research groups, working groups, conferences and seminars, collaborative compositions, and extramural explorations. The advisory committee also works to communicate the mission, policies, thematic priorities, and procedures of the UCHRI to their home campuses, and to inform the UCHRI about the research interests, ideas, plans, and specific proposals of the home campus faculty, to assist in identifying faculty – especially women, minorities, and junior faculty – for participation in all Institute activities, and to help assess the effectiveness of UCHRI activities and programs across the UC system.


UC Berkeley
Donna Jones
Associate Professor, English

UC Davis 
Seeta Chaganti
Associate Professor, English


UC Irvine
Roberta Wue

Associate Professor, Art History 
Term begins Spring 2018

UC Los Angeles
Yogita Goyal

Associate Professor, African American Studies & English


UC Merced
Humberto Garcia

Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Humanities
Term begins spring 2018

UC Riverside
Jacques Lezra

Professor, Hispanic Studies
zhang UC San Diego
Daisuke Miyao

Professor of Literature

UC San Francisco
Dorothy Porter

Professor of Anthropology, History & Social Medicine
Rita Raley UC Santa Barbara
Rita Raley
Associate Professor, English
UC Santa Cruz
Marc Matera

Associate Professor, History