Collaborative Research

Residential Research Groups

Residential research groups (RRGs) are at the heart of UCHRI’s activities, convening key scholars to work in collaboration on interdisciplinary topics of special significance. Research topics for RRGs are determined by open competition; individual fellows are then selected to participate based on their ability to contribute to the research agenda of the group. Selections of topics and participating fellows are made by UCHRI’s Advisory Committee.  >> See the call for proposals

Research Seminars

Support for small groups of UC faculty and advanced graduate students to engage in intensive study of topics chosen by the participants. Seminars may be from a variety of fields in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Proposed seminars should draw participants from across humanistic disciplines around a clearly defined topic or from a discrete discipline to explore interdisciplinary approaches to a defined topic. Seminars should provide an opportunity for sustained engagement around a shared set of research materials or texts, broadly defined, which might include recent or innovative publications in a field, classic texts or archival material revisited, performances, exhibitions, screenings, etc.  Topics and materials should encourage innovative thinking, approaches, or new directions in humanities scholarship. >> See the call for proposals

Short-Term Collaborative Research Residencies

These one-four week intensive residencies allow researchers pursuing collaborative projects to use the Institute’s on-site resources as a retreat to bring the work to completion.  Awards are made by UCHRI’s Advisory Committee. >> See the call for proposals

UC Multicampus Research Groups in the Humanities

MRG funds will support long-term collaborative research for fifteen months. Examples of possible outcomes may include publication, performance, plans for future collaboration and curricular innovation, and the like. Examples of budget categories include travel, editorial assistance, electronic meetings, student retreats, group consultation of archives or site visits, graduate student workshops, and support for collaborative authoring or composition. Successful proposals will include faculty from at least two but preferably three or more UC campuses, and clearly explain how the theme and activities will contribute to research excellence in the humanities. Selections of working groups are made by the faculty directors of the Consortium of Humanities Centers. >> See the call for proposals on the UC Humanities Network website

The Humanities and Changing Conceptions of Work

“The Humanities and Changing Conceptions of Work” is a three-year multicampus research initiative funded by an $800,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The initiative seeks to comprehend and illuminate the changing conceptions and experience of work in the face of recent global economic, technological, and social developments, and to address the implications for the Humanities. It will explore also how humanities practitioners can prepare students for the work that awaits them in 21st-century global society. >> See the calls for proposals on the UC Humanities Network website

UC California Studies Consortium Regional Seminars

We invite proposals looking at Northern, Southern, or Central California, centering on new or evolving themes that will map out new regions of critical California Studies. The California Studies Consortium stresses collaboration between scholars from different campuses and multiple disciplinary locations. We particularly encourage proposals for seminars with a regional focus, California regional studies, Comparative regionalism, and topical foci such as ethnic and race studies; the environment; gender; work; human rights; citizenship; housing; poverty; education; cultural practices. Joint proposals, among campuses or across schools and/or divisions, are particularly encouraged. Preferred proposals might show some level of engagement—whether in alignment, tension or contestation—with the growing field of California Studies, itself. Selections are made by the UCCSC Advisory Committee. >> See the call for proposals on the UCCSC website

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