Spotlight on Public Humanities Projects (2013-14)

California: Living With the New Deal seeks to deepen our understanding of FDR’s New Deal in California (one of its principal beneficiaries). Building on the Living New Deal, a research effort based in UC Berkeley’s Geography Department, the project reveals the forgotten world of New Deal landscapes to today’s Californians. Empire Logistics Group is a contextual for public dialog on the impact of the logistics industry on Inland Southern California. It constructs the logistics industry as the movement of conceptual, digitized containers from ships in the Long Beach Harbor-Port of Los Angeles complex onto freight trucks and rails, through a series of warehouses, to destinations across the country.
The LA River revitalization initiatives represent ongoing efforts to create a sustainable, equitable future for the greater LA region. Project 51: Play the LA River aims to help revitalize the LA River this vision by addressing the challenge that most communities have little knowledge of the 51-mile River’s history or current life as a public space. UCHRI Advisory Committee members Mariam Lam, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at UC Riverside and Jan Goggans, Associate Professor of English at UC Merced discuss proposal development for the current call for proposals on Engaging Humanities: Public Humanities Project Grants 2014-15.