Funding Opportunities
Frequently Asked Questions

Proposal Development

What kinds of grants does UCHRI seek to fund?

UCHRI seeks to foster multi-campus and multi-disciplinary partnerships between UC researchers and their various potential audiences. We especially encourage programs that connect scholars with one another both across the UC system and globally, and whose research and outcomes engage with publics beyond the academy. We support work that bridges disciplinary boundaries and addresses questions of broad concern for the humanities writ large.

UCHRI also offers a limited number of fellowships that support individual research projects by UC faculty and graduate students.

Who makes the funding decisions?

Proposals are reviewed by our Advisory Committee, though some programs are evaluated by a subcommittee of the full Advisory Committee, or a committee of faculty representing various campuses.

We encourage you to consult with a member of our Advisory Committee prior to submitting an application, especially if you have questions or would like significant help with your proposal. A list of committee members can be found on our website, and we encourage you to consult with a member from your own campus if at all possible. Additionally, you might consider consulting with someone from your campus humanities center.

How to Apply

How do I apply for a grant?

All applications must be submitted via UCHRI’s online FastApps system.

How do I use FastApps?

Go to the FastApps web page and click on “Create Account.” Once you have created your password, you should receive an activation email prompting you to verify your FastApps account by clicking a link. Once your account is verified, you will be able to log in with your password.

Do I have to complete the application all at once?

No. You will be able to edit your application until the final deadline, although you will need to save your work after you finish each draft. However, we advise that you keep a local backup of your proposal and submit as early as possible, avoiding the deadline rush.

Can I revise my application after I have submitted it?

Yes, our system allows applications to be revised after they are submitted up until the final deadline.

Grant Funding

When will I be notified if my application is selected?

Please refer to the call for proposals as this will give you an estimated time for funding decisions.

Will my application be fully funded?

Submitted proposals and budgets are subject to review by the review committee, and revisions on proposals and budget may be required prior to final funding decisions. We encourage the submission of proposals that demonstrate a clear connection between programmatic activities and detailed budget requests.

I received a grant from UCHRI. Am I eligible to receive an additional award in the same academic year?

Due to funding limitations, applicants may only receive one UCHRI grant per academic year, though there may be exceptions for some programs. For example, some grantees may participate in a conference or other collaborative project in the same year that they hold an individual grant.

Will I be notified if my application is not selected?

Yes, all applicants are notified.

If my application is not selected, will I receive review commentaries?

The high volume of applications administered by UCHRI makes it impossible to share review comments. Also, due to the confidential nature of the application process, UCHRI’s policy is not to provide commentaries on applications that have been denied. Please understand that UCHRI funding is limited and our selection panels must make very difficult decisions from among exceptional applications.

What is Supplemental Graduate Student Funding?

Supplemental Graduate Student Funding provides financial resources to create or augment support of research-driven graduate student engagement in UC-wide research projects. Supplemental funding is intended to allow UC graduate students to participate significantly in large-scale research projects, to receive sustained mentorship from the professors involved in the project, and to help graduate students gain research and project management skills. Full integration means that faculty organizers and project members share the full scope of the project with graduate students, how it was conceived, and what its future will be. UC graduate students should be both collaborators and mentees and their participation in the project should be carefully considered and diligently managed. For detailed information, please click here.