Collaborative Compositions
UCHRI provides opportunities to use its on-site institutional resources  for short intensive residencies to complete a UC collaborative group project already well under way and with a committed outcome in sight. Participation is encouraged by faculty from a range of UC campuses and disciplines and at all levels of career development, as well as national and international scholars.

UCHRI funds conferences across the University of California to advance the UC’s research mission and promote new directions in scholarship. The conference support program fosters intellectual community among UC scholars from a range of campuses, mobilizes the strength and research of UC faculty, and recognizes important scholarly work of UC humanists. UCHRI-sponsored conferences and seminars also involve national and international scholars, carrying significance across and beyond the UC and functioning as more than campus events.

Extramural Explorations

The Extramural Explorations grant program promotes collaborative public programming projects between UC humanities initiatives and community organizations. The program supports vigorous partnerships between any UC-campus field or organization with significant humanities focus and off-campus community organizations with considerable record of public service commitments. UC entities partner with community organizations, museums, or NGOs to bring to off-campus audiences high quality humanities programming such as exhibitions and innovative multi-media events.

Graduate Events

Coming soon.

White Dissertation Scholarships

This scholarship provides up to $20,000 to support UC graduate students working on a dissertation project in the Humanities and Medicine or in the Theoretical Social Sciences and Medicine.

Working Groups
Working Groups are designed to catalyze collaboration between individuals from different disciplines, locations, and campuses around a specific problem, theme, object, or topic. A Working Group may consist of 5 to 15 people who will collaborate over one academic year to address a clearly defined timely issue or early stage of research on an emergent topic in the humanities. Members of a Working Group will be expected to be connected virtually for ongoing communication and to meet face-to-face at least one time throughout the year.