At the Frontlines of a Forgotten War: Violence, Gender, and Conflict in the Early South

Alejandra Dubcovsky
UC Riverside

“At the Frontlines of a Forgotten War” examines the role of women and gender in southern fronts of Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713). The project asks three core questions: What is the role of women and gender in violent conflicts? Who narrates stories of war, loss, and victory? Where, how, and why do gender, war, and southern history intersect? Built on Indigenous, Spanish, English, and French archival sources, this book hopes to produce a new kind of military history, one which centers the experiences of women and gender as well as interrogates whose stories of war matter. By exploring the lives and struggles of Native, African, and European women as their homes became the warfront, “At the Frontlines of a Forgotten War” not only foregrounds experiences often unseen and unheard, but also denaturalizes war stories of and about men. In doing so, the book offers foundational research on the complex, violent, and familial relations that linked together the American South.