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Poor Theory in Three Movements

Three authors meditate on theory as resource and horizon in a moment of global crisis.

Foundry Open Call: Boiling Point

A call for resourceful analysis in erosive times.

Talkbits on Civil War: The Body’s Disharmony

Mei Zhan constellates body, politics, and medicine.

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The University After Globalization

Mar 4–Mar 6, 2020
UC Santa Barbara

Unpredictable Weather

Dec 12–Dec 14, 2019
University of Tokyo

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Foundry Open Call: Boiling Point

The idea of California as a cauldron for the experimental encounters pressure in the form of multiple contemporary crises: domestic terrorism, the resurgence of nationalism, the migrant border crisis, receding coastlines, seismic upheaval, and depleting resources. In an era in which we are confronted by problems such as rapidly changing climates, global inflammation, and the »

UCHRI Announces Calls for Proposals for 2020-21 Grants and Fellowships

UCHRI Announces Deadlines for 2020-21 Grants and Fellowships UCHRI is pleased to announce calls for applications for 2020-21 humanities grants and fellowships. Continuing its long tradition of supporting collaboration, innovation, and excellence in the humanities, the Institute offers awards for conferences, multicampus working groups, public humanities projects, individual research for faculty and graduate students, and »

Awards for Public, Digital, and Collaborative Projects in the Humanities (2019-20)

UCHRI’s Advisory Committee has completed award selections for the 2019-20 academic year. Over $150,000 in grants were awarded to faculty and graduate students on eight campuses across the UC system. Faculty will convene year-long multicampus working groups on women’s suffrage in the Americas, mental health in East Asia, law and society in the Middle East, »