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Mothers of Color in Academia

A podcast about the challenges of motherhood in academia.

The Augmented South

An incisive look at what constitutes “the south.”

Civil War Video Series: Conflicts of Digital Interfacing

Professor Toby Miller discusses the the social and political hazards of mobile devices.

Featured Events

Out There

Nov 17, 2018
Women's Center for Creative Work

Narratives of Resistance

Nov 15, 2018
UC Irvine / HG 1010

UC Humanists & Work

Apr 22, 2019
UC Irvine

Latest News

UCHRI is Extending the Deadlines for Our Fall Grants

UCHRI has extended the fall grants deadline by two weeks.

Countering Democratic Authoritarianism: A Call

A call to re-make the world vigorously democratic, in all our openness and variety.

UC Irvine Receives $750,000 Mellon Foundation Grant

The grant supports a project on liberal arts for the 21st century.