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Philosophy Works: An Interview with Alex Dayer

Alex Dyer on curricular changes and diversifying career pathways for philosophy graduate students.

Humanizing Acts: Resisting the Historical Erasures of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic across the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

Ana Elizabeth Rosas (Humanizing Acts 1/10) introduces her guest editorship series.

Trespass: A Reflection on Trans*border Research

Dan Bustillo (Humanizing Acts 2/10) on navigating transness, identity, and refuge at the border.

Featured Events

Marxist Institute for Research Summer Seminar

Aug 11–Aug 15, 2023
Sagehen Field Research Station (a UC Natural Reserve location)

Refuge at Risk: Concepts, Infrastructures, Futures

Feb 16–Feb 17, 2023
University of California Humanities Research Institute, UC Irvine

Latest News

UCHRI Welcomes Stephanie Narrow, Graduate Student Researcher

I’m a 6th year history PhD Candidate at UC Irvine (graduating Summer 2023!) I’m honored to be ending graduate school working with the incredible team at UCHRI to share some of the amazing UCHRI-funded projects on Foundry. Working to present these works to broader audiences builds upon my public history experiences. I’ve previously served as »

Work & Refuge: Creating Graduate Futures at UCHRI

By Sarah Goeppner, UCHRI Graduate Student Researcher Disabled graduate students mark the limits of the university’s idealism about itself, which can remain a perpetuum mobile only so long as it can ignore the very real bodies it crushes under its wheels. — andy king (UC Berkeley) The ideas I once held of the academy—as somehow »

UCHRI Welcomes Sarah Goeppner, Graduate Student Researcher

A Southern California native, I received my BA in English from UCLA in 2018 and am currently pursuing my PhD in English at UC Irvine, where I have taught courses ranging from justice in the medical humanities to race and gender in gothic literature. While here, I have been invited to guest lecture in courses »