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Out of History: Against the Self-evidence of Anti-blackness

Diren Valayden and Megan McCabe ask: what does a reading of anti-blackness as racial discourse reveal?

Reading for Infrastructure

Chokehold, Entanglement, Energy. Explore a lexicon for navigating new artifices and arrangements.

Museums and Decolonial Activism

Saloni Mathur captures debates surrounding the seizure of a material past.

Latest News

UCHRI Awards 30 Multicampus Humanities Grants

Looking ahead to what we hope will be a much brighter and more connected year, UCHRI’s Advisory Committee selected the first round of grantees for the 2021-22 academic year. Over $250,000 in new awards will support 30 projects ranging from multicampus working groups, collaborative research “residencies” (virtual for now, in-person when possible), interdisciplinary and international »

David Theo Goldberg Announces Departure from UCHRI

UCHRI would like to share the news that David Theo Goldberg, Director of UCHRI since 2000, has informed the University of California that AY 2020-21 will be his last as UCHRI Director. Director Goldberg will continue to serve as faculty in Comparative Literature and Anthropology at UC Irvine. In the coming academic year he plans »

Foundry Open Call: Living Through Upheaval – Under Fire

Under Fire. On Water. After Earth. Out of Air. Foundry is devoted to innovative work that takes on emerging trends and possibilities in the humanities through experimental scholarship in form and substance. The Living Through Upheaval open call series summons scholars, activists, and artists to weigh the impact of our world’s contemporary transformations from a »