Caribbean Shores: Networks, Materiality, and Resistance Under Slavery

Gregory O'Malley
UC Santa Cruz

The past few decades have witnessed a rapid growth in interest, by both historians and archaeologists, in the everyday lives of enslaved Africans in Caribbean colonial settings. At the same time, however, scholars in these closely-related fields find few opportunities to interact and learn from one another. In light of this missing opportunity for intellectual cross-fertilization, “Caribbean Shores” will be a one-day conference  held during the Spring 2020 term at UC Santa Cruz. We will convene scholars of slavery and the African diaspora from the UC campuses and beyond to dialogue with one another. A joint collaboration between UCSC’s Center for World History and Archaeological Research Center, the conference draws scholars from fields including archaeology, history, and more to explore the interrelated concepts of networks, materiality, and resistance in order to understand the lived experience of enslaved peoples in the Caribbean and beyond.