Cultures of Militarization

Caren Kaplan
Women and Gender Studies
UC Davis


Paul Amar
Global Studies
UC Santa Barbara

Toby Beauchamp
UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow
UC San Diego

Kelly Gates
Communication and Science Studies
UC San Diego

Peter Limbrick
Film and Digital Media
UC Santa Cruz

Colin Milburn
UC Davis

Minoo Moallem
Gender and Women's Studies
UC Berkeley

Jennifer Terry
Gender and Sexuality Studies
UC Irvine

Entitled Cultures of Militarization, this multi-campus collaboration based at UC Davis explores the cultural study of militarization, both historically and in relation to current conflicts. On Thursday, October 13th, 2011, the working group co-hosted, with the Cultural Studies Graduate Group, a talk by Deborah Cowen, a professor in Geography & Planning at the University of Toronto, about the modern art and science of logistics that examines the shift from the military art of moving soldiers and supplies during wartime to a business science focused on mobility and supply chain security. Co-sponsored by the Humanities Institute’s Research Cluster on Militarization and the Center for Women and Research Interest Group on Gender and Militarization, the talk was free and open to the public.