Digital Humanities and Scholarly Practice: a Multi-Campus Graduate Student Working Group

Scott McGinnis
UC Santa Barbara

Digital Humanities (DH) Roadshow was a collaborative effort by an interdisciplinary group of graduate students at three University of California campuses: Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Berkeley. Premised on the pillars of digital humanities scholarship — collaboration, interdisciplinarity, and hands-on learning — the group proposed holding a series of meetings, each with a peer-to-peer workshop component as well as an opportunity for group members to present and discuss their research. These meetings were held in conjunction with DH events at the host campuses, giving group members the uncommon chance to engage with the larger University of California DH community. The group had a cohort of ten graduate students in several disciplines and areas, all of whom were engaged with work in digital humanities and/or new media at their respective campuses. In addition to its individual objectives, the group’s central goal was to make a substantial step in building a coherent regional community of DH scholars.