Disability Studies: Technology, Pedagogy, Disciplinarity

Lisa Cartwright
Visual Arts
UC San Diego

This two-day series of workshops was for interested faculty, graduate students and staff from across the UC system. The meetings were devoted to fostering interdisciplinary and intercampus communication and initiatives in teaching disability studies and in conducting research in the field of disability studies. May 9 was devoted to presentations of activities on the different campuses, a workshop devoted to teaching with disability, and keynote presentations. May 10 was devoted to the formation of a multi-campus research group and plans for a proposal for an HRI residency year. Support for the meetings was from the UC Humanities Research Institute, the UCSD Office of the Dean of Social Sciences, the UCSD Department of Communication, the UCSD Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center, the UCSD Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition, and the UCSD Department of Literature.