Genocide and Human Rights Studies for Twenty-First Century Californians: Summer Institutes for High School Educators

Keith Watenpaugh
Human Rights Studies
UC Davis

This project seeks seed funding that will bring together faculty from UC Davis’ College of Letters and Sciences-based Human Rights Studies Program and the UC Davis History Project with a leading human rights education NGO, The Genocide Education Project (GenED). The aim is to build a California-based program that empowers high school teachers to deliver research-driven and rigorous Genocide and Human Rights Studies curricula to their students. Convening leading scholars on comparative Genocide and Human Rights Studies with professionals in secondary and post-secondary curricular development, the outcome will be the establishment of summer institutes for high school educators. The institutes will assist educators to integrate Human Rights and Genocide Studies into curricula and develop research-driven courses of instruction that will engage the imagination and embolden the action of high school students, while also meeting legislative mandates on K-12 curriculum.