Humanities Careers in Science History, Policy and Communication

Dana Simmons
UC Riverside

As anthropologist and science museum professional Adrian van Allen (Quai Branly Museum, Paris) observes: “People in museums are either academically trained or practically trained. If you can come in with both you are a perfect candidate.” A thorough experience in exhibit design, public pedagogy, and digital humanities is essential for academically-trained researchers who choose to pursue public-facing careers. The “Humanities Careers in Science History, Policy and Communication” (H-SCHIP) workshop is a year-long, cross-disciplinary professionalization program geared toward public humanities careers in science museums, national and state park services, and preservation. Over the course of eight workshops, 15 H-SCHIP participants from five Southern California campuses will focus on developing the skills necessary to create successful public humanities programming. Each workshop will provide hands-on professionalization training and culminate in collaboratively developed programming and exhibits, funded and displayed by the Humanities Action Lab and the California Citrus State Park. Students will work with each other and with professionals in the field to gain the hands-on skills necessary for developing and executing a coherent, critical public historical project.

From left to right: Maragaret Hanson, Kyle Harp-Rushing, Lydia Borowitz, Chelsea Oei Kern, Janelle Horcasitas, Olivia Quintanilla, Kat Boniface, Luis Trujillo, Audrey Maier, Sarah Junod, Alberto Morales, and Sherri Lynn Conklin.