Humanizing Acts: Resisting the Historical Erasure of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic across the US-Mexico Borderlands

Ana Elizabeth Rosas
Chicano-Latino Studies and History
UC Irvine


Amy Sanchez Artega
Art History and Theory
San Diego State University

Dan Bustillo
Visual Studies
UC Irvine

Veronica Castillo-Muñoz
UC Santa Barbara

Sue Cronmiller
El Sol Science and Arts Academy of Santa Ana, California

Misael Diaz
Art, Media, and Design
California State University, San Marcos

Adrian Felix
Ethnic Studies
UC Riverside

Christian Paiz
Ethnic Studies
UC Berkeley

Alice G. Terriquez
Multi-Disciplinary Artist
Alumna, UC Irvine

Vanessa Nicole Torres
Northeastern University

“Humanizing Acts: Resisting the Historical Erasure of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic across the US-Mexico Borderlands” is steeped in an interdisciplinary commitment to routing multiple audiences to archival sources, creative expression, intergenerational experiences, intellectual frameworks, and/or fieldwork and notes that encourage them to pause, consider, and reflect on the generative potential of recognizing the global COVID-19 pandemic’s revealing emotive configuration and impact across the US-Mexico borderlands. Working to address the intense public pressure to erase and silence the enduring emotive weight of feelings, experiences, lessons, relationships, and connections made as immigrant people struggled with the emotive rigors of the global COVID-19 pandemic, each series contributor identifies and unpacks the generatively humanizing potential of engagement that promotes acknowledging the revealing power of enduring sources, subjectivities, modalities, and lessons born out of or exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The diversity of investigative and creative approaches grounding this collaboration makes for a capaciously humane consideration of the urgent relevance of resisting the historical erasure of the global COVID-19 Pandemic across the US-Mexico borderlands proactively.