Networks and Enclaves: Open Access in the 21st Century University

Catherine Liu
Film and Media Studies
UC Irvine

“The Networks and Enclaves: Open Access in the 21st Century University” conference raised some of what are seen as the most critical challenges to the professional formation of the scholar and afield of activity in the contemporary university. The challenge of digital media, the development of on-line networks and communities, Web 2.0 helped to vitally reshape ideals about community, public sphere, and professional standards.The conference brought together diverse scholars examining the historical and theoretical grounds upon which access has become one of the most salient issues of our day. This conference included some of the most important historians, thinkers and theorists of networks. The conference was presented by the UCI Humanities Center in Conjuction with HumaniTech, with support from the University of California Humanities Research Institute and Coventry University.