Unfolding the Baroque: Extensions of a Concept

Catherine Soussloff
Visual and Performance Studies
UC Santa Cruz

This conference dealt with two aspects concerned with concepts and histories of the Baroque: 1) the art-historical and cultural-historical category of the Baroque in new cross-cultural, trans-medial, and trans-historical configurations, e.g., “baroque-ness”; and 2) the aesthetics, historiography, and general Weltanschauung of the baroque as a conceptual model for contemporary critical thinking, writing, and performance. The event was organized by Conferences & Seminars grantee Catherine Soussloff and the Department of Visual and Perfomance Studies at UC Santa Cruz. Hosted by UCSC’s Visual and Performance Studies Faculty Research Group. Speakers included: Dana Arnold, Mark Franko, Robert Harbison, Tyrus Miller, Anna Muster, Todd Olson, Margaretha Rossholm-Lagerlof, Alena Smieskova, Jon Snyder.