War, Security, and Digital Media

Daniel Grinberg
Film and Media Studies
UC Santa Barbara

Abram Stern
Film and Media Studies
UC Santa Cruz

This interdisciplinary working group brought together graduate students across the humanities to discuss issues and to coordinate events relating to the intersections of war, and security, and digital media. The group looked to expand on work that examines technological processes, state institutions, and embodied experiences through theoretical frameworks and critical art and media practices. It consisted of nine PhD students from UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Berkeley whose research grew out of fields that include film and digital media studies, performance studies, East Asian languages, geography, and cultural studies. The members’ individual research endeavored analyze topics such as militarization, borders, territory, surveillance, and oversight. Together, members collaborated to bring together and juxtapose an expansive scope of research subjects, archival corpuses, and methodologies. They also sought to involve other students, faculty, and community members through engagements such as critical dialogue, shared research, public presentations, and other events throughout the year on three University of California campuses.