2018 ADE-ADFL Summer Seminar

Jun 13–Jun 17, 2018
Georgia Tech Hotel

Hosts.The MLA’s Connected Academics partners Arizona State University, Georgetown University, and the University of California Humanities Research Institute.

Connected Academics: Humanistic Study and Careers

Seminar South, held at the Georgia Tech Conference Center in Atlanta, and organized jointly by the Association of Departments of English, the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages, and MLA Connected Academics, will be centered on the topic of careers and the curriculum, from undergraduate to graduate. Focusing not only on pathways for humanities PhDs, but paying equal attention to the study of language and literature at the undergraduate and master’s level in a variety of institutional contexts, participants will discuss how to advocate for the value of humanistic expertise while preparing students for a variety of career opportunities in today’s job market. The Seminar will conclude with two working groups on Sunday morning, “Humanities Student Success” and “Tracking and Alumni Engagement for PhD Programs.”


  • Defining Humanistic Expertise
  • Creating Community Partnerships
  • Culture Change and Resistance
  • Tracking and Engaging Alumni
  • Career-Oriented Master’s Degrees
  • Reversing the Decline in the Major and Enrollments
  • Partisan Politics and the Classroom
  • MLA Bibliography Teaching Tools
  • New Structures for Graduate Student Advising
  • Facilitating Internships and Site Visits
  • Study Abroad and Careers
  • Innovations in Undergraduate Pedagogy
  • Working with Your State Humanities Council
  • Advocacy and the Curriculum