Care & Repair | UCR UC Humanities Graduate Student Virtual Research Conference

Feb 26, 2024
Zoom Meeting

The UC Riverside Center for Ideas and Society invites proposals for a virtual conference that explores UCHRI’s 2023-24 programming theme, Care and Repair.

Hosted on February 16, 2024, the conference will gather University of California graduate students in the humanities or humanistic social sciences or arts to illuminate the myriad ways of tending, mending and imagining new worlds and ways of being that arise from – and transform – current crises into new possibilities. Different epistemological, aesthetic, cosmological, and political traditions conceptualize “care” and “repair” in ways that inform, (re)produce, challenge, and critically depart from both disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge practices.

The Center invites and encourages proposals that reflect creative, critical engagement with the conference keywords, including:

  • Care for the self and others, care for objects and environments, care as resistance, skill or labor, care for care as a concept
  • Repair as restorative justice, as bearing witness, as reducing inequities, as imagining otherwise, as world-building
  • Repair as precursor, constituting dimension, and/or actualized practice of contemporary reparations (within and beyond universities and other institutional settings)
  • Vocations of care and repair in classrooms, research labs, humanities centers, archives, museums, hospitals, prisons, and parklands
  • Ethics of care and the hermeneutics of repair in humanistic inquiry and traditional knowledge practices
  • Frameworks for care and repair in feminist, Black, Indigenous, ethnic,  gender, and disability studies
  • Care and repair in the environmental humanities, environmental justice movement, health humanities and the post-pandemic world
  • Care, repair, and the value of resilience
  • Ethics and/as Aesthetics in creative production
  • Tensions, contradictions, and incommensurabilities between “care” and “repair” as world-making practices (e.g. in sites and communities constituted by collective trauma, decolonial and anti-colonial settings, mutual aid and abolitionist projects, intersectional sites of artistic and healing communities, etc.)
  • How care and repair create speculative and imminent possibilities for world-making, world-unmaking, and other-worldliness

Proposals invited for short presentations (10-15 mins).
Presentations will be organized into panels of 3-4 talks followed by a moderated Q&A.

Proposal Submission includes

  • Presentation abstract
  • Description of how your presentation connects to the conference themes

Deadline: January 15, 2024, 11:59pm

For questions or more information:

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