Jun 13, 2013
Chicago, IL


At the Clinton Global Initiative conference in Chicago, June 13, President Clinton acknowledged the work to create Open Badging for Learning by UCHRI/HASTAC (David Theo Goldberg, Director of UCHRI and co-founder with Cathy Davidson of HASTAC), Mozilla (Mark Surman, Executive Director), and the MacArthur Foundation (Connie Yowell, Director of Education).

Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America) meeting, an annual event of the Clinton Global Initiative that seeks innovative solutions for economic recovery, Clinton said three partners – the MacArthur Foundation, Mozilla, and HASTAC – have created the commitment to Open Badges. Outreach and technical assistance will be provided to help employers and universities across the country incorporate Open Badges in hiring, promotions, admissions, and credit over the next three years.

Clinton added, “The unemployment rate among returning military veterans persisted for years after the financial crisis at about 25% higher than the national average. […] Veterans were repeatedly required to go back to college and get degrees in subjects where the study involved far less scope of responsibility than they had already shouldered as members of the military. So it may be that some of the principle beneficiaries of this are people who have served our country in the various military services, and their ability to flow more quickly into appropriate jobs in the economy will benefit all of us.”

For more: http://www.macfound.org/press/press-releases/better-futures-2-million-americans-through-open-badges/