Cloning Cultures: Normativities, Homogeneities, and the Human in Question

Location: UC Irvine | Time: May 13-14, 2005

This conference raises profound questions about the nature of our contemporary society and the social injustices and inequalities compelled by “hidden” normativities; it seeks to make visible the myths of homogeneity and the paradoxes of difference and sameness. There is more global interconnection between people than ever before but, at the same time, strong (intra- and international) resistance against diversity. Choice for more of the same products goes together with ever faster cycles of technological innovation. What are our possible futures in the era of the limitless scientific engineering?

“We Have Never Been Human: Companion Species in Naturecultures”
by Donna Haraway, Professor, History of Consciousness and Women’s Studies, UC Santa Cruz
“Increasing the Gaps: From Wealth and Technology to Health and Molecular Biology” by Troy Duster, Professor, Sociology, and Director, Institute for the History of the Production of Knowledge, New York University; Chancellor’s Professor, UC Berkeley

Sponsored by the Center for Ideas and Society, UC Riverside, and the University of California Humanities Research Institute. Organized by Piya Chatterjee, UC Riverside, and Philomena Essed, University of Amsterdam and UC Irvine. With Emory Elliott, UC Riverside, and David Theo Goldberg, UCHRI.