Humane Infrastructures

Mar 9–Mar 10, 2020
UC Los Angeles

“Humane Infrastructures” brings together leading scholars, experts, university administrators, politicians, and community members to consider and outline how we can build long-term human/humanities-driven capacity to collaboratively critique, imagine, design, and build civic and academic infrastructures at local, national, and international scale. The workshop encourages conversation (not presentation), critical and historical depth, constructive engagement, and concrete results.

The workshop will incorporate perspectives and practices from fields and disciplines including environmental humanities, information studies, disability studies, medicine, digital humanities, gender studies, architecture, race studies, arts, design, engineering, health humanities, cinema studies, political theory, queer studies, performance studies, computer science, urban humanities, media studies, digital humanities, and theater. In addition, there will be participation from activist groups, industry, and community organizations.

Invited participants include David Theo Goldberg (UCHRI), Sarah Roberts (UCLA), Sverker Sörlin (KTH), Roopika Risam (Salem), Matt Ratto (Toronto), Lori Emerson (CU Boulder), Rachel Corbman (Stony Brook), Marisa Parham (Amherst), Ursula Heise (UCLA), Tara McPherson (USC), Marisa Parham (Erin Glass (UCSD), Victoria Marks (UCLA), Todd Presner (UCLA), and Mike Bonin (City Council of Los Angeles).

The workshop is sponsored by UCLA Humanities, the Office of the UCLA Vice Chancellor of Research, and the Institute for Digital Research and Education.

Attendance is free and open to the public. RSVP here by February 15, 2020.