Techno Cultures

Nov 9–Nov 10, 2018
Lingnan University

Under the broad rubric of techno-cultures, this workshop aims to explore new methodologies and concepts for understanding the present, including: surveillance technology, the data subject, and the body of rights; the politics of search engines and the algorithmic regulation of the public sphere; financialization and platform capitalism; the techne of craft and labor in performance; virtual reality, empathy machines, internet dating, and the leakiness of social networks.

Workshop Resource Persons:

David Theo Goldberg


Ackbar Abbas

UC Irvine

Nishant Shah

University of the Arts, Netherlands

Jenna Ng

New York University

Tejaswini Niranjana

Lingnan University

Ip Iam Chong

Lingnan University

Soo Ryon Yoon

Lingnan University

Anjeline De Dios

Lingnan University