A unique expression of UCHRI’s core values—innovation, collaboration, and experimentation—Foundry offers possibilities in, across, and at the edges of humanities thinking and scholarship to include innovative research practices; explorations of trial, error, and new methods of inquiry; and cross-disciplinary and cross-media scholarship. Please peruse our mission statement.



Academics, public intellectuals, community organizers. Those interested in pushing the humanities beyond their traditional scope can and should submit to Foundry.


We only accept electronic submissions, and only through email. We do not accept submissions through the mail. If you encounter any difficulties sending your submission over email, please feel free to contact us.


Submissions may be emailed at any time throughout the year.

How Long

We seek and accept submissions from within an extensive range of genres, styles, and lengths. In general, our size limits are as follows:

  • written word: max. 7,500 words
  • audio: max. 30 minutes
  • video: max. 30 minutes
  • image: max. 15 images per submission

How Much Time

Expect a response between four and twelve weeks, with the slowest time usually being December/January.

Authors can expect one of three responses:

  • Acceptance: no major changes need to be made
  • Conditional Acceptance: major changes need to be made at which point submission will be reviewed for a second time
  • Rejection

Simultaneous Submission

Foundry allows simultaneous submissions up until the point of our initial response. Once the submission has either been “Accepted” or “Conditionally Accepted,” the author commits to working exclusively with Foundry.

What Format

Submissions are accepted in .pdf or .doc/x files, or as a google document. Each submission must include the author’s name and email address. All contributors are asked to include a 50-word biographical note along with the submission.


Footnotes in Chicago style will be accommodated; however, where possible, Foundry encourages hyperlink citation.