RRG on Truth: Conspiracies

by Wayne Spencer Coffey Lauren (Robin) Derby Aaron James Liron Mor Poulomi Saha Abigail Stepnitz

Since its founding, UCHRI has funded Residential Research Groups for faculty and graduate students to engage in collaborative work around a specific topic. In Spring 2019, the topic was Truth, broadly conceived. UCHRI welcomed convener Aaron James in philosophy at UC Irvine, and participants Wayne Spencer Coffey in History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz, Robin Derby in History at UCLA, Liron Mor in Comparative Literature at UC Irvine, Poulomi Saha in English at UC Berkeley, and Abigail Stepnitz in Jurisprudence and Social Policy also at UC Berkeley. The following is an intimate look into one of their weekly interdisciplinary seminars held here at UCHRI, featuring a conversation that weaves together a myriad of conspiracy theories and considers the implications of the genre in relation to fact-finding, subjective truths, and cultural mythologies.
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