Awards for Public, Digital, and Collaborative Projects in the Humanities (2019-20)

UCHRI’s Advisory Committee has completed award selections for the 2019-20 academic year. Over $150,000 in grants were awarded to faculty and graduate students on eight campuses across the UC system. Faculty will convene year-long multicampus working groups on women’s suffrage in the Americas, mental health in East Asia, law and society in the Middle East, and building a multi-campus degree-granting program in East Asian Studies. Graduate student working groups will gather to build intellectual community around critical infrastructure studies, the unique experiences of undocumented scholars, interrogating the construct of “South Asia,” feminist approaches to Indian Ocean worlds, and memory and posthumanity in Taiwanese literature.

Engaging Humanities grants were awarded to public-facing projects in literary education for incarcerated people, strengthening a community archive in south Los Angeles, an exhibit featuring the role of Chinese immigrants in the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, justice for incarcerated survivors of domestic violence, and the development of a new digital humanities hub at UC Merced.

Two brand new grant categories will support their first grantees in 2019-20. Mentorship for Digital Humanities will support two faculty and two graduate students in ongoing mentorship in digital humanities, connecting them with experts across the UC system who will serve as mentors for the grantees’ burgeoning digital projects. The Graduate Professionalization Workshop award will support a professionalization program for public humanities careers in museums, national and state park services, and preservation.

Multicampus Faculty Working Groups

Empire and Women’s Suffrage in the Americas

Judy Wu, Asian American Studies, UC Irvine

Big Asia: The University of California Faculty Initiative for Multi-campus Graduate Training in East Asian Studies

Minghui Hu, History, UC Santa Cruz

Law, Society, and Culture from Basra to the Balkans

Nir Shafir, History, UC San Diego

Medicine, Culture, and Mental Health in East Asia

Emily Baum, History, UC Irvine


Multicampus Graduate Student Working Groups

Critical Infrastructural Studies: (Im)mobile Landscapes of Militarism, Race, and Settler Colonialism

Gabi Kirk, Geography, UC Davis

Undocumented Migration Working Group: Centering the Voices of Undocumented Scholars

Daniel Millán, Sociology, UC Irvine

Methods, Materials, and Matrices: Feminist Currents in Indian Ocean Worlds

Kelsey McFaul, Literature, UC Santa Cruz

Memory, Agency, and Posthumanity in Taiwanese Literature, Visual Culture Performative Body

Wan-ting Wang, East Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Berkeley

Interrogating South Asia

Anandi Rao, Comparative Literature, UC Irvine


Engaging Humanities

Foundations in the Humanities

Susan Derwin, Germanic and Slavic Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Feminist Decarceral Research Initiative

Alissa Bierria, Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside

Fugitive Archives

Michelle Dizon, Media and Cultural Studies, UC Riverside

The Chinese and the Transcontinental Railroad: Reflections on the 150th Anniversary

Julia Lee, Asian American Studies, UC Irvine

Gateway to Merced: Digital Humanities Hub

Jayson Beaster-Jones, Global Arts, Media, and Writing Studies, UC Merced


Graduate Student Professionalization Workshop

Humanities Careers in Science History, Policy, and Communication (H-SCHIP)

Dana Simmons, History, UC Riverside


Mentorship for Digital Humanities

UCI-Morgan State University (Black) Digital Humanities Pathways Program Inside the Activist Studio West: Digital Repository of Movement Material

Jessica Millward & Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, History & African American Studies, UC Irvine

Stilling Nature: Birds, the Enlightenment and the French Empire, 1740-1820

Yotam Tsal, History, UC Berkeley

Water is King — and Here is Its Kingdom: Geospatial Humanities and Changes in the Imperial Valley

Ivan Soto, Interdisciplinary Humanities, UC Merced