Foundry Open Call: Boiling Point

The idea of California as a cauldron for the experimental encounters pressure in the form of multiple contemporary crises: domestic terrorism, the resurgence of nationalism, the migrant border crisis, receding coastlines, seismic upheaval, and depleting resources. In an era in which we are confronted by problems such as rapidly changing climates, global inflammation, and the spread of economic insecurity, it is urgent that we collaboratively find sustainable ways of thinking and being. 

If humankind has already reached a boiling point, where certain bonds have been broken and matter must be drastically reorganized, how can the humanities reflect on such erosion and shapeshifting even as they are implicated in them? What will be the look and feel of analysis performed under duress?

This is a volatile historical moment. How might scholars and artists, entangled in various boiling points at the same time, leverage the experimental ethos of California to come to grips with global transformations? How can California—as metaphor, frontier, site of possibility, incubator of fantasy—open up the possibility of alternative futures on a global scale? 

In 2019-20, Foundry seeks interlocutors on the theme of Boiling Point. To contribute to this conversation with essays, provocations, artwork, interviews, and the like, pitch ideas to

Potential areas of inquiry include, but are not limited to:

Volatility • Inflammation • Triggers • Rage • Anxiety • Analysis under pressure • Blockages • Escalation • Radicalization • Paranoia • Borders • Migration & immigration • Militarization • Counter-terrorism • Disinformation • Surveillance • Seismic shifts • Bubble economies • Echo chambers • Climate change • Burnout/Blackout