New Awards for Conferences and Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshops (2020-21)

UCHRI’s 10-campus Advisory Committee met in late January to make the first round of awards for the 2020-21 academic year. Conferences drawing together faculty from across the UC system will address diverse literatures, media, and sensory experiences of the world such as food and sound. Manuscript workshops will support junior faculty as they refine their first books on aesthetics, geopolitics, alchemical transformations, and social upheavals past and present.

Conference Grants

Co-Productions: Literature, Media, and Diaspora in the Japanese Transpacific

John Kim, Comparative Languages and Literatures, UC Riverside

Sensoria in the Islamic and Christian Western Mediterranean

Camilo Gomez-Rivas, Literature, UC Santa Cruz

Socialist World Cultures

Hunter Bivens, Literature, UC Santa Cruz

Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop Grants

Citizen-Suspect: Militarism, Race, and Geopolitics in the East African Warscape

Samar Al-Bulushi, Anthropology, UC Irvine

Alchemy at Its Limits: Waste, Race, and Transformation

Elana Resnick, Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara

Strange Encounters: Speculative Visions of the Conquest of the Americas

Zac Zimmer, Literature, UC Santa Cruz

Indigenous Inhumanities: California Indian Revitalizations and Postapocalyptic Research

Mark Minch-de Leon, English, UC Riverside

Out of the Past: Jidaigeki, Modern Historicity, and the Aesthetics of the Present in Postwar Japan

Junko Yamazaki, Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Los Angeles