UCHRI Announces 2020-21 Graduate Student Dissertation Support Grants

Representing eight campuses and ten humanities disciplines, the 16 awardees for this year’s Graduate Student Dissertation Research grants will be digging into archives, conducting participant observation, attending theatrical performances, viewing rare films, and much more during the 2020-21 academic year. While current prospects for travel and research have been severely impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we look forward to supporting the work of this extraordinary group of young scholars as they proceed with their research. 

Exposed Flesh: A Literary History of Black Being
Sarah Buckner, English, UC Riverside

The World in Stereo: Sound, Space, and Immersion, 1879-1959
Harry Burson, Film & Media, UC Berkeley

Territorial Conflicts, Industry, and State Formation in Chile’s Southern Frontera 1866-1918
Amie Campos, History, UC San Diego

The Crisis of Ownership, the Demand for Experience, and the Future of Solidarity
Esther Choi, Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego

The Sacred in Unexpected Spaces: Humor, Healing, Land Protection, and Embodied Sexuality in Native North American Drama
Alesha Claveria, Theater & Dance, UC Santa Barbara

Rendering:  On Graphics, Architectures, and Computational Cultures
Ranjodh Dhaliwal, English, UC Davis

Infinite Images: The Loop and Computational Temporality
Kaitlin Forcier, Film & Media, UC Berkeley

Indigenous Textiles in the Colonial Andes:  Plotting Landscape, Place, and Border Space in Woven Fabric
Gaby Greenlee, History of Art & Visual Culture, UC Santa Cruz

Confucius Across the Taiwan Strait, 1966-1980
Rong Kong, History, UC Irvine

Circling With/In The Saint: Ceremonial Sambas and Critical Kinetics of Afro-Bahian Candomblé
Mika Lior, World Arts & Cultures/Dance, UC Los Angeles

The Dilemmas of Liberty: Rights and Power in the Making of the Chinese Constitution, 1912-1948
Yu Liu, History, UC Santa Barbara

An Empire of Frontiers: Between Migrant and State in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1856-1914
Fredrick Lorenz, History, UC Los Angeles

American Artisan: Design and Race-Making in Industrial Education, 1866-1924
Maura Lucking, Architecture, UC Los Angeles

Dead Land: Geographies of Life, Death, and Waste in the San Francisco Bay Area
Key MacFarlane, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz

A Spiritual Genocide: Grave Theft and Desecrations of the Sacred as United States Settler Colonial Occupation
Claire Urbanski, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Strange Selves: Photography and the Othered Body
Janice Yu, Rhetoric, UC Berkeley