UCHRI Announces its 2019-20 Grantees

UCHRI’s Advisory Committee has selected the first round of humanities grantees for the 2019-20 academic year. Over $100,000 in grant funds will support multi-campus collaborations for a variety of endeavors including conferences, digital humanities visualization projects, and workshops to develop faculty manuscripts. Grantees represent nine UC campuses, and hail from a range of departments such as Theatre and Dance, Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Law, Classics, Music, Literature, and Cinema and Digital Media. Representing excellence in the humanities, research topics span spatial and temporal contexts, including multilingual theater performances in Early Modern Italy, the epistemology of conspiracy theories, a community history of San Diego, resistance under slavery in the Caribbean, Spanish spiritual conquest of the Philippines, cartography in 19th century Lagos, and atmospheric politics in contemporary China.

Congratulations to our first group of 2019-20 grantees. Announcements for the Graduate Student Dissertation Support Grant and the Residential Research Group on Civil War are forthcoming.

Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop

Beautiful Boys of the Global Renaissance: Travelling Sexualities and Difference in Anglo-Ottoman Encounters, 1500-1650

Abdulhamit Arvas, Theatre and Dance, UC Santa Barbara

Africanisms in Action: Essentialism and Agency in the Musical Performance of Africa in Bahia, Brazil

Juan Diego Diaz, Music, UC Davis

Desert/Storm: Experiments on a Chinese Dust-Stream

Jerry Zee, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz

Imagine Lagos: Speculative Cartography and the Making of a 19th Century African City

Ademide Adelusi-Adeluyi, History, UC Riverside

Playing with Feeling: Musical Performances of Mexican Sentimiento

Lorena Alvarado, Global Arts Studies, UC Merced


Mid-Career Faculty Manuscript Workshop

Our Lady of Anomie: Pacification, Frontierization, and the Efflorescence of Popular Culture in Spain’s Spiritual Conquest of the Philippines (16-18th c.)

John D. (Jody) Blanco, Literature, UC San Diego

De/Militarized Ecologies: Making Peace with Nature Along the Korean DMZ

Eleana Kim, Anthropology, UC Irvine

At the Frontlines of a Forgotten War: Violence, Gender, and Conflict in the Early South

Alejandra Dubcovsky, History, UC Riverside

Hungry, Thinking with Animals

Dana Simmons, History, UC Riverside


Conference Grants

Legacies of Commedia dell’Arte: “Others” and the Production of Theatre from Early-Modern Italy through Modern-Day California

Erith Jaffe-Berg, Theatre, Film, and Digital Production, UC Riverside

Native/Immigrant/Refugee: Movements Across Contested Grounds

Leti Volpp, Law, UC Berkeley

Beth Piatote, Native American Studies, UC Berkeley

New Perspectives on Improvisation and Compositional Process

Anna Maria Busse Berger, Music, UC Davis

Caribbean Shores: Networks, Materiality, and Resistance Under Slavery

Gregory O’Malley, History, UC Santa Cruz

J. Cameron Monroe, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz

Laurie Wilkie, Anthropology, UC Berkeley

Elena Schneider, History, UC Berkeley

Manuel Covo, History, UC Santa Barbara

Kevin Dawson, History, UC Merced

Archaeology and the Epistemology of Conspiracy Theories

Sven Bernecker, Philosophy, UC Irvine

On the Matter of Blackness in Europe: Transnational Perspective

SA Smythe, African American Studies, UC Los Angeles

Sound Reproduction as a Politics of Life

Delia Casadei, Music, UC Berkeley


Digital Humanities Visualization Grant

Settler Colonialism, Militarism and Migration: A Community History of San Diego

Patty Anh, Communication, UC San Diego

Simeon Man, History, UC San Diego