UCHRI Awards 19 New Grants for 2020-21

UCHRI is pleased to announce over $165,000 in research grants for the coming academic year. From engaging with publics beyond the UC to sharing ideas and expertise across campuses, these awards will support both individual research projects and broader collaborative endeavors that represent cutting-edge thinking in the humanities. These projects expand humanistic thinking well beyond its traditional disciplinary and institutional borders, with a range of work that includes creating a documentary film, developing a high school curriculum, curating a photography exhibit, and reimagining professional possibilities for humanities PhDs. 


Engaging Humanities

Re-Visioning Abolitionist Futures: Beyond the Walls
Setsu Shigematsu, Media and Cultural Studies, UC Riverside
Eric Stanley, Cinema and Media Studies, UC Berkeley

The Black Index
Bridget Cooks, African American Studies and Art History, UC Irvine

Genocide and Human Rights Studies for Twenty-First Century Californians: Summer Institutes for High School Educators
Keith Watenpaugh, Human Rights Studies, UC Davis

Instrumental: The Elayne Jones Story
Grace Wang, American Studies, UC Davis
Julie Wyman, Cinema and Digital Media, UC Davis


Multicampus Faculty Working Groups

Vincanne Adams, Anthropology, History and Social Medicine, UC San Francisco
Kelly Knight, Anthropology, History and Social Medicine, UC San Francisco
Lochlann Jain, Anthropology, History and Social Medicine, UC San Francisco

Sea: An Environmental Humanities Network
Tiffany Werth, English, UC Davis
Lyle Massey, Art History, UC Irvine

Images of Resilience: GovTech, Data Buildings, and Artificial Biodiversity
Christopher Kelty, Anthropology & The Institute for Society and Genetics, UC Los Angeles
Stephen Collier, City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley


Multicampus Graduate Student Working Groups

Ways of Seeing Asia: Pedagogical Inquiries into Asian Art Histories
Ifan Chen, Visual Arts, UC San Diego
Yun-Chen Lu, History of Art and Architecture, UC Santa Barbara

Syncopating East Asia
Alexandra Yan, Comparative Literature, UC Irvine
Shiqi Lin, Comparative Literature, UC Irvine

Performance in the Wake of the Political: Latin American Performance as Theorizations of Contemporary Politics
Gwendolen Pare, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Irvine

XIX to XXI: Bringing Spanish language in California to the forefront
Alvaro Gonzelz Alba, Hispanic Studies, UC Riverside
Evelyn Gamez, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Davis

Mapping the Territory: Religion, Place, and Space in Asian Humanities
Wanmeng Li, Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Los Angeles


Mid-Career Faculty Manuscript Workshops

Japanese Grammar: Crisis and Oikonomics after World War I
Wendy Matsumura, History, UC San Diego

Planetary Specters: Race, Migration, and Climate Change in the Twenty-First Century
Neel Ahuja, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz


Short-Term Collaborative Research Residencies

Reading for Infrastructure, Infrastructure for Reading
Adriana Johnson, Comparative Literature, UC Irvine
Susan Zeiger, English, UC Riverside

Editors’ Residency: Moving in the Midst: Critical Indigenous Dance Studies
Jacqueline Shea Murphy, Dance, UC Riverside
Maria Regina Firmino-Castillo, Dance, UC Riverside


Graduate Student Professionalization Workshop

Opening Professional Pathways for Humanities PhD Students Specializing in Science, Technology and Society (STS) Studies
Massimo Mazzotti, History & Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society, UC Berkeley


The Andrew Vincent White and Florence Wales White
Graduate Student Scholarship
(Medicine & Humanities)

Addiction Becomes Normal
Jaeyoon Park, Political Science, UC Berkeley

The Moral Psychology of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Jared Smith, Philosophy, UC Riverside