UCHRI Awards 30 Multicampus Humanities Grants

Looking ahead to what we hope will be a much brighter and more connected year, UCHRI’s Advisory Committee selected the first round of grantees for the 2021-22 academic year. Over $250,000 in new awards will support 30 projects ranging from multicampus working groups, collaborative research “residencies” (virtual for now, in-person when possible), interdisciplinary and international conferences, and faculty manuscript workshops. Many of these projects address themes related to Living Through Upheaval, and all of them represent the vibrant community of humanists across the UC system.


Residential Research Groups

Fall 2021: Distance and Proximity: Media Culture in the Age of Disruption
Peter Bloom, Film and Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara
Weihong Bao, Film & Media, East Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Berkeley
Erkki Huhtamo, Film, Television, and Digital Media, Design Media Arts, UC Los Angeles

Spring 2022: How We Make It: Imagining Medical Justice After Covid’s Long Haul
Megan Moodie, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz


Short-Term Collaborative Research Residency

Spring/Summer 2022: Mattering Elements
Suzana Sawyer, Anthropology, UC Davis


Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshops

Un-Tied States: Nineteenth-Century Narratives of Indigeneity and Territory
Kathryn Walkiewicz, Literature, UC San Diego

Empire of Refugees: North Caucasian Muslims and the Late Ottoman State
Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky, Global Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Training the Reader: Dante and the Rise of Vernacular Literacy
Filippo Gianferrari, Literature, UC Santa Cruz

When the Rebels Win: State Power and Public Interests after Civil Wars
Kai Thaler, Global Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Poetic Circuits: Writing under the Sign of Dictatorship in Postwar Brazil
Nathaniel Wolfson, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Berkeley

Offshore Attachments: Oil and Intimacy in the Caribbean
Chelsea Schields, History, UC Irvine

A Thousand Paper Cuts: U.S. Empire and the Bureaucratic Life of War
Anjali Nath, American Studies, UC Davis

Regenerating Land, Life, and Autonomy: An Indigenous Border Critique
Amrah Salomon J., English, UC Santa Barbara

Capital in the Borderlands: Smugglers, Investors, and Frontier Urbanism in Ethiopia
Daniel Thompson, Anthropology and Heritage Studies, UC Merced

Topothesia: Planning, Colonialism, and Places in Excess
Ameeth Vijay, Literature, UC San Diego

Tautua: Women’s Activism, Education, and Disability Advocacy in Sāmoa
Juliann Anesi, Gender Studies, UC Los Angeles

Border Biomes: Coexistence and Interference on American Migration Trails
Emily Vazquez, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Davis

The Government Courtesan: State Slavery, Gender, and Performance in Chosŏn Korea, 1392-1910
Hyun Suk Park, Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Los Angeles


Conference Grants

Political Education and Racial Justice Movements in Times of Upheaval
Neda Atanasoski, Feminist Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, UC Santa Cruz
Christine Hong, Literature, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, UC Santa Cruz

ICR Pachappa: Navigating Place
Jacqueline Shea Murphy, Dance, UC Riverside
María Regina Firmina-Castillo, Dance, UC Riverside

Satyajit Ray and the Sense of Wonder
Bhaskar Sarkar, Film and Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara
Bishnupriya Ghosh, English, Global Studies, UC Santa Barbara


Multicampus Faculty Working Groups

California Eugenics Legacies Working Group
Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, History, UC Santa Barbara
Susan Schweik, English, UC Berkeley

Critical Machine Learning Studies
Rita Raley, English, UC Santa Barbara
Fabian Offert, Germanic and Slavic Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Decolonizing Regionalism
Manuel Shvartzberg Carrio, Urban Studies and Planning, UC San Diego
Ayala Levin, Architecture and Urban Design, UC Los Angeles

Queer and Trans Studies in Religion in the 2020s: Defining the State of the Field
Melissa Wilcox, Religious Studies, UC Riverside

Multicampus Graduate Student Working Groups

Mapping Colonial Logics: Surviving (Un)natural Disasters throughout Central America and the Caribbean
Diana Gamez, Anthropology, UC Irvine

Understanding Reform in a Changing China: History of the Present
Ho Chiu Leung, History, UC San Diego
Wilson Miu, History, UC Santa Cruz

Crisis of Vectorial Ecosystems
Zizi Li, Film, TV, and Digital Media, UC Los Angeles
Suryansu Guha, Film, TV, and Digital Media, UC Los Angeles

Catastrophe and Revolution: The (Post)socialist Studies Group
Christina Novakov-Ritchey, World Arts and Cultures, Dance, UC Los Angeles
Marcos Cisneros, Rhetoric, UC Berkeley

California Economies Collective
Grecia Perez, Anthropology, UC Riverside
Ian Baran, Urban and Environmental Planning & Policy, UC Irvine

Tracing Everyday Upheavals in the Middle East
Raed Rafei, Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz
Ingy Higazy, Politics, UC Santa Cruz

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Californian Regional Consortium
Jingyi Wu, Logic, Philosophy of Science, UC Irvine
Milana Kostic, Philosophy, UC San Diego