UCHRI Spring 2018 Awards Announcement

UCHRI has just completed our spring grants cycle, awarding nearly 50 grants to faculty and staff across the UC system. Grantees will receive support for interdisciplinary collaborative and individual research during the 2018–19 academic year. Awards support public and engaged humanities projects, multicampus working groups that bring together faculty and graduate students around shared intellectual concerns, workshops for junior faculty to develop book manuscripts, and graduate student dissertation research and writing.

The awards, which were determined in collaboration with UCHRI’s Advisory Committee, feature projects that represent groundbreaking ideas and methods and that draw upon the diverse perspectives and expertise of UC scholars. “The spring competition was extremely competitive, with over 130 applications across five categories of funding,” states UCHRI director David Theo Goldberg. “We’re inspired by the way that these projects engage different publics, incorporate experimental methodologies, and involve graduate students in substantive research.”

Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshops

Image Objects: An Archaeology of Computer Graphics, 1960–1980

Jacob Gaboury, Film & Media, UC Berkeley

Peopling for Profit: Colonization and the Brazilian Empire, 1808–1878

José Juan Pérez Meléndez, History, UC Davis

Conflicts and Repetition: The Politics of Poetic Reiteration in Hebrew and Arabic Literatures

Liron Mor, Comparative Literature, UC Irvine

Unbound Books: Voice, Image, and Cultures of Reading Drama in Seventeenth-Century China

Yinghui Wu, Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Los Angeles

The Texture of Change: Cloth, Commerce and History in Western Africa, 1700–1850

Jody Benjamin, History, UC Riverside

Radical Roads Not Taken: Moroccan Jewish Trajectories, 1925–1975

Alma Heckman, History, UC Santa Cruz

Recruiting Sweetness: Translating Race and Risk in Type 2 Diabetes Research

James Doucet-Battle, Sociology, UC Santa Cruz

Multicampus Faculty Working Groups

Arts of Critique

Natalia Brizuela, Film & Media and Spanish & Portuguese, UC Berkeley
*includes Supplemental Graduate Student Funding

Sounding Space and Place

Sheryl-Ann Simpson, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design and Human Ecology, UC Davis
Anna Brand, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, UC Berkeley

New Directions in the Study of Black Atlantic Religions

Robin Derby, History, UC Los Angeles

Cybernetic Algorithms and Biometric Processes – An Inquiry into the Contemporary Modes of Government of the Living Systems

Babak Rahimi, Literature, UC San Diego
Davide Panagia, Political Science, UC Los Angeles

The Maghrib Workshop: Sovereignty, Crisis, and Narratives of Belonging

Juan Camilo Gomez-Rivas, Literature, UC Santa Cruz
*includes Supplemental Graduate Student Funding

Sanctuary Practices

Massimiliano Tomba, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz
Banu Bargu, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz

Engaging Humanities Grants

Humanizing Deportation: A Digital Storytelling Archive

Robert Irwin, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Davis
*includes Supplemental Graduate Student Funding

Social Media Literacy Workshop

Lynette Hunter, Theatre and Dance, UC Davis
*includes Supplemental Graduate Student Funding

Music and the Archive at Sinai Temple

Mark Kligman, Musicology, UC Los Angeles

Skid Row History Museum and Archives

Catherine Gudis, History, UC Riverside

Extending Mi Familia, Mi Historia: Humanities, the Arts, and Communities in Dialogue

Luis Alvarez, History and Institute for the Arts and Humanities, UC San Diego

Ethics Bowl as a Platform for Educational Advancement

Jonathan Ellis, Philosophy, UC Santa Cruz
Thomas Holden, Philosophy, UC Santa Barbara
*includes Supplemental Graduate Student Funding

Multicampus Graduate Student Working Groups

Science/Fiction, Science/Media: Re-theorizing STS’s Cultural Landscape

Katherine Buse, English, UC Davis
Ranjodh Dhaliwal, English, UC Davis

Archaeology of the Future: Chinese Oral History in the Digital Age

Qiyu Lu, Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Los Angeles
Elizabeth Carter, Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Los Angeles
Yiyang Hou, Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Los Angeles
Lin Du, Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Los Angeles

Seeds at the Table: Centering the Black Legacy in Academic Creativity

Zachary Mondesire, Anthropology, UC Los Angeles
Julien Joelle, Anthropology, UC Los Angeles

Thinking From Oakland: Urban Study in the Town

Erin McElroy, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz
Trisha Barua, Cultural Studies, UC Davis
Alex Werth, Geography, UC Berkeley

Transgender Studies Working Group

Eli Erlick, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Graduate Student Dissertation Support Grants

Among the Divinities: Law and Literature in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Trinh Luu, Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley

From Gold Rush to Green Rush: Illegal Marijuana Cultivation on Yurok Tribal Lands

Kaitlin Reed, Native American Studies, UC Davis

Book and Boudoir: Women’s Literacy and “Social Space” in Late Imperial China

Xu Ma, East Asian Languages and Literatures, UC Irvine

A Lethal Education: Institutionalized Negligence, Epidemiology, and Death in United States American Indian Boarding Schools, 1879-1934

Preston McBride, History, UC Los Angeles

Long Live the Arab Worker: A Transnational History of Labor Activism in the Yemeni Diaspora

Neama Alamri, Interdisciplinary Humanities, UC Merced

Plagues that Fascinate: Literary Leprosy and Queer Affect in the Victorian Fin de Siècle

Mackenzie Gregg, English, UC Riverside

The Freedom of a Broken Law

Hannah Manshel, English, UC Riverside

Biennial Places: Solidarity, Authenticity, and the Expansion of the Contemporary Art Industry: Cuba, the U.S./Mexico Border, and the European Union

Paloma Checa-Gismero, Visual Arts, UC San Diego

At Home in Pieces: Adaptive Encounters in Caribbean and Jewish Diasporic Literatures

Dalia Bolotnikov, English, UC Santa Barbara

Intimate Labor, Gendered Fandom, and Media Industry in the Transnational Circulation of Korean Popular Music

Stephanie Choi, Music, UC Santa Barbara

Reproducing the Crisis: Blackness, Violence, and Visual Culture in the Postwar American City

Wayne Coffey, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz

Short Term Collaborative Research Residency

Elements: matters, analytics, worlds

Mei Zhan, Anthropology, UC Irvine
Daniel Fisher, Anthropology, UC Berkeley