March 18, 2021

UC Humanities Center Consortium

The UC Humanities Center Consortium comprises the humanities centers and institutes from each of the ten campuses, represented by their faculty and staff directors. The Consortium administers a series of collaborative, UC-wide programs, including the UC Humanities Graduate Fellows Collaborative and the UC Junior Faculty Exchange Program. The Consortium also sponsors intercampus workshops and collaborative research opportunities for UC faculty and graduate students.

UC Berkeley Townsend Center for the Humanities
Stephen Best, Director
Rebecca Egger, Associate Director

UC Davis Humanities Institute
Archana Venkatesan, Interim Director
Katharine Wallerstein, Associate Director

UC Irvine Humanities Center
Judy Wu, Director
Amanda Swain, Executive Director

UC Los Angeles Humanities
Annelie Rugg, Director and Humanities CIO, UCLA Humanities Technology

UC Merced Center for the Humanities
Ignacio López-Calvo, Director
Christina Lux, Managing Director

UC Riverside Center for Ideas and Society
Jeannette Kohl, Co-Director
Dylan Rodríguez, Co-Director
Katharine Henshaw, Executive Director

UC San Diego Institute of Arts and Humanities
Daniel Widener, Director
Amelia Glaser, Associate Director

UC Santa Barbara Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
Susan Derwin, Director and Consortium Co-Chair
Erin Nerstad, Associate Director

UC Santa Cruz Humanities Institute
Sharon Kinoshita, Interim Director
Irena Polić, Managing Director

UC San Francisco Center for Humanities and Health Sciences
Brian Dolan