Disciplining Diversity

Mariam Lam
Comparative Literature and Ethnic Studies
UC Riverside


Kendra Calhoun
UC Santa Barbara

Sherri Lynn Conklin
UC Santa Barbara

Óscar Fernández
University Studies
Portland State University

Anirban Gupta-Nigam
Visual Studies

Nigel Hatton
Literature and Philosophy
UC Merced

Anneeth Kaur Hundle
Anthropology, Sikh Studies
UC Irvine

Ananda Marin
Education and Information Studies, American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program
UC Los Angeles

Wendy Matsumura
UC San Diego

Olivia Quintanilla
Ethnic Studies
UC San Diego

The Disciplining Diversity RRG will address the investments—financial, institutional, psychic—that frame diversity as a panacea against exclusion while, at the same time, forcing diversity-work onto the backs of those recognized as diverse. What meanings accrue to a term like “diversity” at a moment when the United States is poised to become a nonwhite majority nation by 2050? How has diversity policy supplanted other (and in some accounts, more political) technologies of intervening in social space such as affirmative action? Who are recruited as the faces of institutional diversity and what alibis do such recruitments offer those who can simply shrug off their responsibility because, in theory, the university is doing its job? In addition to such critical questions, this RRG will also inquire into the mechanics by which universities can effectively accommodate heterogeneity not as a talking point but as a part of the fabric of institutional life.