Islands, Images, Imaginaries

Sean Metzger
UC Los Angeles


Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns
Asian American Studies
UC Los Angeles

Fan-Ting Cheng
Theater and Performance Studies
UC Los Angeles

Michaeline Crichlow
African American Studies
Duke University

Francisco J. Hernandez Adrian
Modern Languages and Cultures
Durham University

Olivia Khoo
Film and Television
Monash University

Eng-Beng Lim
Theater and Performance Studies
Brown University

Gwyneth Shanks
Theater and Performance Studies
UC Los Angeles

The residency facilitated the completion of a collection of essays to be published in the journal Third Text. The residency facilitated all aspects of editing from substantive textual changes to the gathering of image permissions. The group also completed a collaboratively authored introduction. To facilitate the journal’s request to bring in outside readers and to round out the special issue, the residency involved two other scholars and two graduate students. The graduate students had the opportunity to workshop and revise their essays for inclusion in the collection under the mentorship of the other participants.