Aaron James
UC Irvine


Wayne Spencer Coffey
History of Consciousness
UC Santa Cruz

Robin Derby
UC Los Angeles

Liron Mor
Comparative Literature
UC Irvine

Poulomi Saha
UC Berkeley

Abigail Stepnitz
Jurisprudence and Social Policy
UC Berkeley

This Spring 2019 Residential Research Group takes on the idea of truth, broadly conceived. It seeks to bring together humanists and humanistic social scientists, whose disciplines are built upon their own constructions of the truth and their own methods of truth-seeking. In the disciplines of the human sciences “hard truths” are as open to question as any other claims. Where the objects of analysis do not bear out “hard truths,” results that can be replicated through experiments, what claims can humanists make on truth, if any? Or put another way, might humanists have something unique to offer in debates about how to determine or define what is true?  A robust, interdisciplinary exploration of the idea of truth in various contexts will cast light on where humanity finds itself today.