Weaving the Roots of Knowledge: 2nd Annual Native American Studies Graduate Symposium

Kayla Carpenter
UC Berkeley

Stephanie Lumsden
Native American Studies
UC Davis

Weaving the Roots of Knowledge was the second annual Native American Studies Graduate Student Symposium hosted by the NAS graduate students. The symposium was held April 26 and 27, 2013. During this event, we facilitated the gathering of scholars of multiple disciplines from two University of California campuses at Davis and Berkeley. One goal of this event was to broaden the interdisciplinary scope of our Native American Studies program by inviting graduate students from other departments to discuss their work. The symposium was open to the public. It enabled new relationships between schools of thought by encouraging participants to engage in rigorous dialogue about their research. Scholars who would not usually get the opportunity to hear presentations from different graduate departments from both UC Davis and UC Berkeley were able to enjoy that privilege by Weaving the Roots of Knowledge at our Graduate Student Symposium.