Global Fascism, Biopolitics, American Empire

May 24, 2019
Seoul National University

Funded by the Henry Luce Foundation, UCHRI is co-sponsoring a two-day workshop on global fascism and biopolitics at Seoul National University as part of its Asia Theory Network Initiative. The workshop brings together scholars from the University of California (Los Angeles, Berkeley, and Irvine), National Taiwan University (Taiwan), Teikyo University (Japan), Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines), Soochow University (Taiwan University), Seoul National University (Korea), Yonsei University (Korea), Dongguk University (Korea), Ritsmeikan University (Japan), Kyung Hee University (Korea), Hong Kong Baptist University (China), University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg), and Ibaraki University (Japan). 

For more information about UCHRI’s Asia Theory Network, please visit our Initiatives page.