Asia Theories Network

The Asia Theories Network (ATN) is a global scholarly network that functions as a platform for exchanges and collaborations among human science (humanities and interpretive social science) scholars in Asia, the Global East, and other parts of the world.

ATN was first initiated by several associated groups of Asian critical theory scholars who were concerned with the epistemological, cultural, and socio-political changes and possibilities of Asia in the contemporary age of globalization. Together with UCHRI, they proposed and established ATN in 2017 and are now co-administering the Network. Hung-chiung Li (National Taiwan University) and David Theo Goldberg (Director of UCHRI) are currently the coordinators of the initiative; the advisory board consists of representatives from the participating countries.

ATN is committed to theory studies of Asian subjects. The disciplines and fields ATN covers includes critical theory, Asian and comparative literatures, art, philosophy, Asian Studies, Cultural Studies, STS (Science, Technology and Society), and social and political theories. Our main goals include:

  • Assembling local, regional and international communities of scholars concerned with the interpretation and elaboration of (critical) theory as it is practiced in and applies to East Asia and the larger Global East;
  • Fostering dialogue between (critical) theory of the Global North and East Asian humanities;
  • Incubating and developing new paradigms in the study of (critical) theory as developed in and applicable to East Asia/the Global East in the age of globalization;
  • Enhancing intellectual exchanges between the Global East and West, as well as the Global South, concerning the emerging new socio-cultural aspects of contemporary Asia.

ATN initiates, conducts, coordinates, orchestrates and participates in variegated projects in relation to its goals, including meetings, exchanges, residences, research, networkings, platforms, and publications. It keeps organizing conferences, workshops, forums, camps and other activities at partner venues, including Taiwan, UCHRI, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, South Africa, and Poland.

To date, meeting themes (to be) addressed include “Island Life” (in Taiwan); “Political Dread” (in South Korea); “Souths of Asia: Aesthetics, Theory, Archive” (in Taiwan); and “Unpredictable Weather” (in Japan).