Mothers of Color in Academia

by Gabriela Cázares

Academia is a demanding space that does not always accommodate mothers at various stages in their careers. Numerous studies report that mothers and mothers of color in academia are less likely to receive tenure and are passed over for career advancement opportunities. Women of color face a particular set of challenges when becoming mothers, yet many manage to navigate these challenges while developing creative means of resistance necessary to fostering change.

In this podcast, we hear from Cynthia Estremera, PhD candidate in English at Lehigh University, Irene Sanchez, PhD, University of Washington alumni and ethnic studies instructor with the Azusa Unified School District, and returning guest Whitney N. Laster Pirtle, assistant professor of sociology at UC Merced and author of “Birthing both a baby and a PhD as a Woman of Color” on the topic. Together, these guests share their experiences in navigating the challenges of motherhood at various stages of their academic careers.