HCCW: The Work of the Humanities/The Humanities as Work

John Marx
UC Davis


Adam Hefty
History of Consciousness
UC Santa Cruz

Lilly Irani
UC San Diego

Amy Lee
UC Berkeley

Glen Mimura
Film & Media Studies
UC Irvine

Jeffrey Sacks
Comparative Literature
UC Riverside

Preeti Sharma
Gender Studies
UC Los Angeles

Sylvia Tiwon
South & Southeast Asian Studies
UC Berkeley

UCHRI hosted a hybrid working group/residential research group on the topic of “The Work of the Humanities/The Humanities as Work,” which  functioned as a follow-up to the Faculty Assessment and Graduate Student Training Working Group, engaging in an interrogation of the humanities as work. Examining the topic from a more theoretical and philosophical point of view, the working group engaged in a performative self-interrogation of the work of the humanities as humanist scholars at work. This group combined the model of the working group with the model of the residential research group to create a hybrid group that met one week/month during the fall quarter, and communicated virtually throughout the fall and the rest of the year. This group, convened by John Marx, UC Davis, included faculty, post-docs, and graduate students from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC Riverside, UC Los Angeles, and UC San Diego. They met at UCHRI in May for a pre-convening planning meeting, and were hard at work developing a digital platform to support the full spectrum of activities proposed.