Announcing UCHRI Grant Recipients for

UCHRI is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2022-23 grants, which support a wide range of collaborative and individual faculty and graduate student research projects, many of which engage with broader publics and explore new modes of collaborating with community partners. This year, we are especially excited for the Guest Editorship grants in our “Recasting the Humanities” Foundry grant as well as the continuation of the multi-cohort Underrepresented Scholars Fellowship, which was first launched last year. 

Living Through Upheaval

Reimaging Racial Infrastructures to Support a Pan-California Tribal and Intergenerational Gathering and Performance

Tria Blu Wakpa, World Arts and Cultures/Dance, UC Los Angeles

After Epistemicide: Building Relations, Imagining Futures

Michelle Raheja, English, UC Riverside

Engaging Humanities

Crossing Pride:  Queer and Trans Refugee Transnational Storytelling & Digital Archiving

Debanuj DasGupta, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Jeanne Scheper, Gender & Sexuality Studies, UC Irvine

‘oṭṭoy: A healing collaboration of Café Ohlone and the Hearst Museum

Lauren Kroiz, History of Art, UC Berkeley 

Just Research: Trans Futures in Health and Scientific Knowledge

Grace Hong, Center for the Study of Women, UC Los Angeles

Mel Chen, Gender and Women’s Studies, UC Berkeley 

Open Letters from Prison: Mobilizing Communities of Collective Care

Benjamin Weber, African American & African Studies, UC Davis

Ofelia Cuevas, Chicanx Studies, UC Davis

Faculty Working Groups

Diversified Community Archiving Practices as Resilience 

Justin Dunnavant, Anthropology, UC Los Angeles

Jun Sunseri, Anthropology, UC Berkeley

Transition and Upheaval: Marxist Institute for Research

Joshua Clover, English, UC Davis

Charmaine Chua, Global Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Graduate Working Groups

Alt-Right Media Literacy Series

Chelsea Kai Roesch, Film and Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Climate Resiliency and Ancestral Knowledge: A University-Community Partnership with Maya Organizations in Guatemala’s Dry Corridor

Rebekah Kaump, Geography Graduate Group, UC Davis

Mapping Carcerality and Resistance in Southern California: Orange County and In(LA)nd Regions

Jazmin Garcia, Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside

Joana Chavez, Chicana/Chicano and Central American Studies, UC Los Angeles

Critical Data Studies: Designing Humanistic Interventions in Undergraduate STEM Education

Katheryne Metcalf, Communication, UC San Diego

Magdalena Donea, Communication, UC San Diego

Coast as Crisis: A Humanities-led Multi-Campus Graduate Working Group on Narratives, Ecologies, and Politics of the California Coast

Alison Maas, English, UC Davis

George Hegarty, English, UC Davis

Conference Grants

Anticolonialism as Theory Symposium 

Poulomi Saha, African American Studies & English, UC Berkeley

Yogita Goyal, English, UC Los Angeles

What is Life? Ancient Answers to Modern Questions

Martin Devecka, Literature, UC Santa Cruz

Knowing Life: The Ethics of Multispecies Epistemologies

Brianne Donaldson, Religious Studies Program, Department of Philosophy, UC Irvine

California Indian Studies and Scholars Conference: Reorienting Research Towards Anticolonial and Communal Futures

Caitlin Keliiaa, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Mark Minch-de Leon, UC Riverside, English 

Underrepresented Scholars Fellowship

Leisy Abrego, Chicana/o & Central American Studies, UC Los Angeles

Rosie Bermudez, History, UC San Diego

Stephanie Canizales, Sociology, UC Merced 

Laura Enriquez, Chicano/Latino Studies, UC Irvine

San Juanita García, Chicana and Chicano Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Kelly Lytle Hernandez, History, UC Los Angeles

Daina Sanchez, Chicana and Chicano Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Hangping Xu, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Hu Ying, East Asian Studies, UC Irvine

Recasting the Humanities: Foundry Guest Editorship

Humanizing Acts: Resisting the Historical Erasure of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic across the US-Mexico Borderlands

Ana Elizabeth Rosas, Chicano-Latino Studies and History, UC Irvine

The Littoral of Law and Poetics

Sora Han, African American Studies, UC Irvine

Holding Sway: Seaweeds and the Politics of Form

Melody Jue, English, UC Santa Barbara

Ethics and Astrobiology: A Collaborative Approach to Thinking Life in the Cosmos

Zac Zimmer, Literature, UC Santa Cruz

Faculty Summer Research Funding 

African American Literature and Photography’s Material Legacies

Cole Morgan, English, UC Irvine

Y Escalar: Documenting “Prison Communities” in Rural California

Yehuda Sharim, Global Art Studies Program, UC Merced

Religion, Aesthetics, and Black Diasporic Tradition: Katherine Dunham’s Video Eye/Video ‘I’

Nadia Ellis, English, UC Berkeley

The Emergence of the Latinx Self, 1780-1880: Reason, Rights, Publics, Interiority

Raul Coronado, Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Custodians of Tea: A History of Tea Producers in Late Colonial and Independent Kenya

Muey Saeteurn, History/Critical Race & Ethnic Studies, UC Merced

Medicine & Humanities: The Andrew Vincent White and Florence Wales White GraduateStudent Scholarship

The Tuskegee School of Midwifery: Exposing the Suppression of Black and Indigenous Midwifery Knowledges in U.S. Medicine in Service to Redefining Reproductive Care

Anne Napatalung, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz

The World of Care: Managing Disability in the Qing China (1644-1911)

Weiyue Kan, History, UC San Diego 

Graduate Dissertation Awards

A Study of Female Javānmardī in the Premodern Persianate World

Amanda Caterina Leong, Interdisciplinary Humanities, UC Merced

Land, Art, Liberation: Groundings of Revolutionary Ecology

Aaron Katzeman, Visual Studies, UC Irvine

The Diaspora of US Childhood Arrival Immigrants: Illegalization, Criminalization, and Deportation of Americans by the Country They Call Home

Lizbeth De La Cruz Santana, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Davis

Film on the Class Conflict over Housing Policy

Kenton Card, Urban Planning, UC Los Angeles

Black Life Unbounded: Policing, Property, and the Spatial Practice of Abolition in Sacramento

Mia Dawson, Geography Graduate Group, UC Davis

Borderline Unsustainable: Urban Planning and Diplomacy at the Tijuana-San Diego Boundary, 1919-1999

Kevan Malone, History, UC San Diego

Psychosomatic Mental Illness: A Hypothesis

Urte Laukaityte, Philosophy, UC Berkeley

The Gospel of Wealth: Charity and the Making of Modern Egypt, 1879-1939

Amy Fallas, History, UC Santa Barbara

Elemental City: Ecology, Media, and Narratives of Crisis in Postcolonial Calcutta

Somak Mukherjee, English, UC Santa Barbara

“Her” Stories in Cultural Memory Reconstruction: Female Images and Subjectivity in Restored Paintings and Films from 20th-Century Taiwan

Szu-Chin Chih, Literature, UC San Diego 

Institutional Failure as Global Leadership: A Case-Based Study of the Present

Rose Dwyer, Music, UC San Diego

Mark Howard, Politics, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz

Joy Miller, History, UC San Diego

Joe Riley, Visual Arts, UC San Diego